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For years, I have been fortunate to work alongside leading experts in sales, persuasion and influence such as Dr Robert Cialdini and Tony Robbins. They share a common philosophy on success and failure. They both believe that rather than fear of failure, most people are used to it. What people fear is success because they haven’t achieved it and can’t visualize what it looks like or what is needed to achieve it. Here, we’ll explore three actions you need to take to be successful in today’s real estate environment.

Since success can be relative, we will define success as earning at least $ 100,000 per year. For the typical agent in the United States, that means doubling your production. Understanding the commonalities between successful people usually provides a mental shortcut for what needs to be done. The real secret, however, is finding that internal engine for success that drives you to complete the activities necessary to execute your plan.

Simply put, successful agents work smarter and not harder than their peers. Here are some steps they take that you may want to consider:

1. Talk to and bring value to your sphere of influence. Data doesn’t lie. The typical agent has 397 people in their database. Each year, 37 transactions will take place in this sphere of influence. The typical agent only completes seven to eight transactions per year. Your sphere of influence is the holy grail. These are the people most likely to hire, recommend, and refer you. Talk to them. Provide them with value. Ask them to hire you.

2. Provide excellent service after the transaction. It’s no secret that most agents disappear after leaving the closing table. Successful agents find that this is when their client is in the best frame of mind to recommend and refer them. Providing relevant service and lifestyle advice to your new owner friend will increase the opportunity. Help your customers with their utilities and home services. Offer discounts and recommendations to local home professionals. Help your customers to better connect within their local communities by inviting them to events or gatherings.

3. Be sympathetic. While it seems obvious, it’s surprising how many agents need to work on their interpersonal communication skills. Zig Ziglar said it best: “People buy from people they like. Smile, be kind and sympathetic.

In business and in life, you get what you focus on. And there is no failure, only comments, results and results. Let your fear of success become a thing of the past.

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Frank Chimento is Executive Vice President of Revenue and Business Development at MooveGuru and helping agents and brokerages for over 20 years.

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