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A Bashaw real estate agent has come up with a nifty way to promote his hometown.

Ty Wilson returned to his hometown after playing football for the Edmonton Wildcats and now works as a real estate agent. He recently started creating smart, humorous and innovative real estate social media and YouTube videos.

Referring to the sale of real estate, Wilson said, “I wanted to come in and take a little tour of this.”

He says a small part of the industry was stuck in the past and most real estate agents only do what has been done in the past.

“I think we are in a real transition in the way we sell homes through the Internet. If you can inject a bit of personality and use social media, there are real opportunities out there, ”said Ty Wilson, Realtor at Ramstad Realty.

He says his marketing videos have garnered a lot of attention lately and that he hasn’t been a real estate agent for so long.

He also says the real estate market in rural Alberta is booming right now.

“I was born and raised on the farm where I still live. I went to town for a few years to play football, ”Wilson said.

He says he came back to his hometown because he loves his hometown, the people and the scenery.

Growing up, he always hated that the people he grew up around couldn’t wait to leave. It aims to change that narrative and promote the love of country life and small town life.

“It’s a case where you don’t know what you’ve got before,” Wilson said.

He says what would help this region is for someone to tell the story of the city and the region.

Wilson says Bashaw is his central location: right between Ponoka, Camrose, Stettler, and Red Deer.

When he got into real estate, he wanted to approach it in a new, innovative and intelligent way.

“I just didn’t want to sell the homes, but I wanted to (sell) the area,” Wilson said.

But then COVID-19 came along and changed everything in the way we communicate with each other and do our business.

“This is perhaps the best thing that has happened to rural real estate. It changed the world as we know it because now people have realized that they can do their jobs from a computer, ”Wilson said.

He says if you can do your job from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and the Internet, “why wouldn’t you want to go out where it’s beautiful?” low cost if life and people are nice, ”Wilson said.

He said his aunt Laurie King’s husband is Robin King, who is the pastor of Ponoka and Bashaw United Church.

“The United Church (for example) painted its steps a rainbow to promote inclusive and welcoming communities,” Wilson said.

He says Bashaw is building something.

“I don’t know what it is or how it happened, but over the past five years it has been just phenomenal,” Wilson said.

Bashaw’s municipal website highlights the city’s arts community, culture, recent expansions and new developments.

“The new residential development includes: the Schultz housing estate and the Vistas housing development.

The city is well known for its famous Majestic Theater. “Bashaw’s Majestic Theater was not the first of its kind to be built in Alberta, but it is now believed to be the last of its kind in Western Canada.

“Not a ‘grand theater’ by any means, the Majestic is nonetheless of historical and architectural significance as part of the overall history of theater development in Alberta.

“There are great nature trails and ponds throughout the city.

“The town has two golf courses called Bashaw Golf & Country Club and Country 9 Golf & RV Resort.”

Find Ty Wilson’s YouTube channel: Shop with Ty.


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