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At 77, Lynn McCarthy of Little Falls could easily retire. However, loving what she does as a real estate agent at Edina Realty in Little Falls and the healthy balance between home, work, friends and other activities, retirement is not on her horizon.

“I don’t know what I would do with this block of time,” she said.

McCarthy’s journey in the real estate industry began in 1962. A week after her 18th birthday, she moved to Minneapolis to further her education. She also started working in a real estate agency, answering the phone in the evenings and on weekends.

Over time, more McCarthy realized how much she loved the business. Later, in the 1970s, she moved to Little Falls, continued to work in the industry, and eventually received her own real estate license in 1976.

“I don’t know if I ever really wanted to make a career there. I tell people that if I had known that I would make a living just from commission sales, I would have told them they were crazy. I was kind of introduced to it and it was a way of working. I love people and it really is a people business rather than a real estate business. she said.

Over the years, McCarthy has witnessed many different trends and changes in the real estate industry. The biggest change, she said, has been technology. At the time, those who were interested in a property or a house would take the tour. These days, many home buyers, especially if they live far away, can take virtual tours of a home and property.

Lynn McCarthy, 77, has worked in the real estate industry since 1962. Loving what she does, she has no plans to retire.

“I still have a hard time selling something to someone who has never seen it. It’s because I’m from another era, but technology has opened up a whole new world in real estate, ”she said.

Being a real estate agent in rural America allows him to work with a variety of properties, residential homes, lakeside properties, farmland, commercial buildings and more.

One of the biggest challenges for the industry as the real estate industry has evolved is keeping up with all the laws and changes in form, McCarthy said. When she started working in the real estate industry, the buyer had a one-page purchase agreement. With all the disclosures, such as about the well and septic tank, and additional documents, she estimates that the purchase contract these days may very well be 18 to 30 pages.

Although there have been reported incidents of violence against realtors across the United States, McCarthy said she, for the most part, had always felt safe on dates she had. had with people. She relies a lot on her intuition. Plus, she also always lets someone know where she’s going and on some occasions she brings someone with her.

“We don’t have a lot of situations like that, but sometimes you have the person with the different drum beat and you can feel it,” she said.

The best part of being a real estate agent, said McCarthy, is the people she’s met over the years, whether they’re a first-time buyer or a high-end one, has t she declared.

“I love it all, but there is always a lot of satisfaction in seeing someone owning a home who never thought they had the opportunity,” she said.

McCarthy said given her age, other younger realtors from other real estate companies wonder why she is still working and sometimes say behind her back that she should step down from the business.

“All I can do is just laugh because I’m really my own person and I walk a bit to my own drum beat,” she said.

In some ways the work has also been somewhat grounded. McCarthy has been widowed twice and in the past nine years she has also survived cancer twice.

Eager to give back to the community, McCarthy has served on various boards and committees and volunteered wherever a helping hand was needed, such as the Haiti Partnership. She is also active in her ecclesial community.

When not working or volunteering, McCarthy enjoys spending time with her children Cammy, Todd and Terry, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. While living in different states, McCarthy said she embraces the moments they have,

In addition, she enjoys spending time with her friends.

“I am very lucky to have a very strong support group of friends and I have a daughter who has just returned to Minnesota who is a very good friend so I am very lucky in that,” he said. she declared.

Throughout his life, McCarthy discovered the importance of having laughter and humor. It not only made the trip more enjoyable, but it also helped to stay positive no matter what the challenge was.

McCarthy said much of it started with a grateful heart and attitude. Each morning she thanks God for the blessings in her life and for life itself.

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