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VREF Aircraft Value Reference, Appraisal & Litigation Consulting Services, today released its Q3 2021 Market Trend Report.

CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – VREF publishes its report on market trends for the 3rd quarter of 2021
August 30, 2021: VREF Aircraft Value Reference, Appraisal & Litigation Consulting Services, the leading provider of aircraft appraisals and ratings for the aviation industry, today released its Q3 2021 Market Trends Report .

VREF subscribers generate a baseline average of 16,000 assessment reports every 30 days. In June, July and to date August, valuation volume is up 16%, resulting in a 30-day total moving average of valuations above 18,500.

What appeared to be a chill in May was nothing more than a hiatus before summer as buyers scoured off-market planes and waited for inventory refurbishments at dealerships to be completed and available to the market. purchase. Scarcity and patience are words that buyers face on a daily basis. Many seasoned aircraft owners with the resources and know-how find that suppliers are unable to provide timelines, if any, let alone completion dates as the supply of materials and parts continues to grow. be problematic. Expect to pay more for just about everything, as bottlenecks continue to create an extreme shortage of inventory.

It should be mentioned that it has really become a slim choice for just about all popular aircraft market, and with that, we find ourselves facing more problematic planes. From missing records to damage and everything in between, be careful and do your homework as inventory levels will remain tight for the foreseeable future.

VREF publishes the best aircraft review lists and the locations where our subscriber base is most active. There have been some changes to our Top Lists, and you will notice new models appearing for the first time. A recent trend, as buyers are finally starting to look to alternative aircraft models instead of chasing the unicorn. From large to small, from piston engine to turbine engine, all aircraft benefit from current market values. Many models who had fallen out of favor come back and come back with a vengeance, and a prime example are the old Hawkers, Quotes, and Lear Jets who are suddenly nearly impossible to find. As more and more management companies add to their fleets, this is also a trend that will not end anytime soon. Whether you are looking for a Phenom 100 or a Cessna 182, patience will be an important factor in determining whether you are successful in purchasing one. Again this quarter values ​​have increased an average of 15%, but not generally, more and more aircraft models are appreciating instead of remaining stable. Based on the past 12 months, we remain bullish on values ​​going forward.

The market for single-engine pistons remains unchanged, with premiums being paid for most popular aircraft. Manufacturers couldn’t meet demand before Covid, and now it’s just a game of chess trying to figure out when a new order for planes might actually deliver.
The twin-piston engine market continues to attract buyers as more companies and multi-engine operators seek to supplement their existing fleets. Based on the number of reported closings, completed reviews, and VREF Online reviews, interest continues to grow in the twin market. Age, condition, state of maintenance and renovation remain the main factors in evaluating the twins market. Turnkey planes take precedence over marketing and demand premiums. Buyers should beware of unknown damage history and less organized records. It is more and more common to see planes with pedigree issues in this hot market.

The business jet market continues to exceed transaction expectations. The problem for most buyers is finding a real plane for sale. Many SEO services are still running outdated ads for planes sold months ago. The light and medium business jet segments are benefiting from growing demand in the charter market as management companies seek to increase capacity as the holidays approach. High net worth individuals run many of the light jet markets, including the Citation Jets (CJ, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3 and CJ4, M2, Mustang), Citation Excel / XLS, Phenom 100/300, Hawker 800XP and 850, c ‘ is like unicorns in the open market. As prices continue to rise, so will the competition to find one. For many of these aircraft, the values ​​are 15% in the last quarter and VREF is bullish in the 4th quarter and 2022 because little seems to shake the general or business aviation markets.

“The stream aircraft sales environment is one of the most active I have ever seen, with tight inventory levels and historic low availability, we expect high residuals for the foreseeable future as general aviation has so far been immune to the pandemic. -Jason Zilberbrand, LIKE ONE.

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VREF Aircraft Value Reference, Appraisal & Litigation Consulting Services was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Buffalo Grove Il, with offices in Des Moines, Iowa Chicago, Rockford, Los Angeles, Boise, Daytona Beach, Austria, Switzerland, China and Australia.
VREF provides aircraft and engine data through online subscription services (SaaS) and published quarterly summaries.
VREF provides appraisal, appraisal and litigation advisory services to a global clientele of aviation professionals including law firms, banks, financial institutions, leasing companies, manufacturers , aircraft owners, aircraft operators and suppliers. VREF Aircraft Value Reference, Appraisal & Litigation Consulting Services play a crucial role in advising decision makers within the aviation industry. VREF is the Official Evaluation Guide and Evaluation Partner of AOPA.
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